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Harness your knowledge. Supercharge your drafting. Unlock market insights.
All from one intuitive platform. Introducing data-driven dealmaking.
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Never stare at a blank
Word doc again.

Imagine having access to all the precedent language and insights you need, without ever leaving Microsoft Word. That's Centari.

The trusted AI platform for dealmakers.

Whether you're a multinational firm or a solo practitioner, it all comes down to one thing: closing the deal. We're proud to partner with innovative legal professionals from across the industry.
Law Firms
Maximize your firm's intellectual capital and improve deal outcomes, all while boosting revenue realization and client engagement.
In-House Teams
Expand your team's bandwidth, streamline high-volume workflows, and consistently achieve more with less.
Solo Attorneys and Freelancers
Scale your practice and deliver unparalleled promptness with the force multiplier of generative AI.
In the generative AI era, junior lawyers are assuming more responsibility than ever before. Get a head start with discounted access to Centari.
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Enterprise-grade security

Purpose-built for the legal industry, every facet of Centari's architecture has been meticulously designed to meet the privacy and confidentiality requirements of our customers.
By default, customer data is siloed and never shared with other Centari customers or used to train AI models.
All data on the Centari platform is encrypted at rest with AES-256 and in transit via TLS.
Built on Google Cloud Platform, the industry leader for secure data infrastructure. Custom VPC and on-premises integrations available for enterprise customers.

Stay ahead of the curve with insights from our AI and legal industry experts.

Press release:
Centari Announces Generative AI Platform for Transactional Law
Aug 29, 2023

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