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Transform complex documents into structured data in minutes and unlock unparalleled deal intelligence.
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Comprehensive deal sheets. Automated.

Centari's first-of-its-kind extraction engine identifies and interprets deal points the same way an attorney would: reading an agreement, finding relevant language, and drafting answers in your desired format.

This is data extraction like you’ve never seen before.

The cutting edge of AI. The business of law.

Your firm’s unique knowledge is your most valuable asset. It’s what sets you apart in client RFPs, at the negotiation table, and in the competitive market for legal services at large.

Centari empowers firms to harness the full value of intellectual capital frozen in complex documents. With Deal Intelligence, analysis that previously required hundreds of non-billable hours can now be completed in minutes, so you can aggregate and deploy data-driven insights at scale for superior client and business outcomes.

Infinite customization.
No training or labeling required.

Centari supports every transactional practice area, with agreement types and deal points configured on a firm-by-firm (and even partner-by-partner) basis. Powered by the most advanced language models on the market, Centari eliminates the tedious training and labeling that made last-generation machine learning tools so difficult to implement.

With dedicated support from your Centari account team, bring the power of data-driven dealmaking to your entire firm, including M&A, finance, investment management, real estate, and more.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Every facet of Centari’s architecture has been meticulously designed to meet the confidentiality requirements of our customers. We adhere to industry-leading compliance standards for privacy and data security.
Pending Certifications:

“To deliver on the promise of knowledge management, the first step is making knowledge and experience accessible. Centari is making document-derived information accessible in ways that were never possible before.”

Patrick DiDomenico
Chief Innovation Officer, Author of
Knowledge Management for Lawyers

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